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    Kung Fu Panda è uno degli asset della diplomazia culturale cinese. Even so, Peng was shown to be far more forgiving than Tai Lung was, as he forgave Po for lying to him and hurting his feelings and pride. Peng corners Tong Fo who orders Lin Fa to be killed but Lin Fa has managed to free herself and orders a free fight against Tong Fo's men. This outraged Peng, who declared he'd prove Shifu wrong before running off. It would account for things like Po being so foolish at times and how … Not wanting to get involved he quickly excused himself, much to his uncle's fury. In his first appearance, he revealed that he was searching for Tai Lung. SpongeBob & Friends Adventures Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. Tai Lung appears from the shadows, stating he is a manifestation from the medallion. Yet he soon appears in Equestrian Kung Fu Fight Club where he and Lian decide to open up a fight club in Equestria. Kung Fu Incredible Trilogy Cast Po - Captain Gantu (Lilo and Stitch) Master Shifu - Jumba (Lilo and Stitch) Master Tigress - Marge Simpson (The Simpsons) Master Monkey - Homer Simpson (The Simpsons) Master Crane - Russell (Up) Master Viper - Lois Griffin (Family Guy) Master Mantis - Peter Griffin (Family Guy) Mr Ping - Yoda (Star Wars) Zeng - Manny (Ice Age) Baby Tai Lung - Baby Mr … He introduced himself to Master Shifu and assure the Dragon Warrior, Po, that he wanted to fight. After the battle, Shifu appears after seeing everything in disguise. The young snow leopard decided to train with Po at the Jade Palace. He sought out Temutai and told him what happened before picking up a sword, proclaiming he would defeat the Qidan Clan leader and show Shifu what 'real' strength is. He also wears purple pants and a brown sash. Throughout his appearances, Peng struggles between doing what is right and the belief that he will follow Tai Lung's descent to darkness as his nephew which is something he fears the most, but Po is always there to remind him that he is nothing like Tai Lung and is truly a good person at heart. Tai Lung is a tall, slender, muscular snow leopard with yellow eyes with golden irises, two teeth sticking out of the bottom of his mouth and whiskers that are shaped like a mustache. Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness (2011–2016) Episode List. However, after meeting Lin Fa, he decides that it wasn't kung fu that was corrupt but the manner in which it was kept secret from the public with only the masters at sanctioned palaces being able to practice it, showing what appeared to be bitterness at the hierarchy ad power struggle that came with it as he seemed to being to resent the poewr the palace held. Peng quits Kung Fu and leaves behind his uncle's sword. While Peng believes Po will shut the club down, Po instead eagerly decides to join the club, much to Peng and Lin Fa's happiness and the next week he helps train the new recruits, with Peng stating it has been the greatest week of his life. He is a fast-talking giant pandawho was improbably chosen as the Dragon Warrior, champion of the Valley of Peace. He eventually sees this as his true purpose and states he has never been happier, especially with Lin Fa at his side and he may have finally found inner peace both with his identity as Tai Lung's nephew and the fact that he was nothing like his uncle. Kim the Invincible meanwhile has made his way to the Jade Palace and interrogates Peng for the location of the Dragon Warrior. When the Jubilee was over, Po invited Peng back to the Jade Palace, but Peng politely declined as he wanted to continue his travels, revealing that he was searching for his uncle. Peng is the nephew of Tai Lung who appears in the Nickelodeon TV series Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. My Top Favorite Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness Episodes. He is usually seen donning a hat made to look like a bowl of noodles, seemingly made of fabric and balls of yarn, with a pair of chopsticks attached. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness characters, Heroes who aren't revealed to be good at first, Yet after Po helps him rescue Lian from Tong Fo, Shifu decides to lift the ban of fight clubs after agreeing with Peng's beliefs. The Kung Fu Panda franchise consists of three feature films: Kung Fu Panda (2008), Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011), Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016). Peng was rumored to have haled from a valley over from the Valley of Peace, where he spent much of his life learning pottery from his family. Quote However Peng picks up the medallion and the power corrupts him. Tai Lung then transforms back into Po (who used a shift stone to change his appearance). Peng later made another appearance in 'Master and the Panda'. Upon arriving in the Valley of Peace to partake in the Peace Jubilee, someone proposed that Peng fight Jing Mei, the nephew of Temutai, who was one of the masters hosting the celebration. Movies. Po says he knows Peng is good before Peng stings him with the needle laced with deadly poison. It was briefly mentioned in the episode 'The Kung Fu Kid' that Peng is from 'the valley over' from the Valley of Peace, where he was presumably raised by his family and learned pottery. Anturiaethau animeiddiedig Kung Fu Panda. When Po asked who his uncle was, he received a shock when the young snow leopard revealed that his uncle is Tai Lung. Peng is shown to be a kung fu prodigy, though he claims he has had no formal training or instruction. When an ox challenges and defeats everyone while calling them losers, Lin fa tells him that at the club everyone treats each other with respect and Peng proceeds to kick the ox out. Despite insisting he'll never talk, ... something the film material did actually clearly nod to in cases like Kung Fu Panda Holiday but never quite had them square off directly. During his ongoing travel, the friends Peng met along the way told him stories about Tai Lung, though he only heard them ending them with the fact that his uncle was defeated and destroyed by the Dragon Warrior. Later, he met up with Po in the Training Hall again, where the Dragon Warrior haltingly told Peng that Shifu had dismissed the young potter's skills as a warrior. Someone proposed that he should fight Jing Mei, the nephew of Temutai, who was one of the masters hosting the celebration. Peng refused saying he was on a journey. The young snow leopard decided to train with Po at the Jade Palace, but on their way there, he was mobbed by a group of children who became his new fans and signed autographs before at last he was taken to the Training Hall. Eventually, Tong Fo appears and kidnaps Lian, and uses her to bribe Peng into killing Po with a poison-needle. Peng fights Po as promised but reveals to Po during the match that Lin Fa will be killed if he doesn't kill Po and that Po shouldn't have trusted him. It would account for things like Po being so foolish at times and how Tigress is warming up to the Panda to begin the Ship Tease . Mr. Ping (adoptive father) Master Po Ping(Chinese for "Precious Peace"), born Lotus Shan, is the protagonistof the Kung Fu Pandafranchise. Peng comes onto stage to fight Po, and while Po manages to defend himself, when Peng reveals his identity, distracting Po long enough for Peng to kick him unconscious. Here, Peng got a confession from Po that he was the one who wanted Peng gone, not Shifu, because he got jealous of Peng's popularity, and sincerely apologized. Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness Eventually, people in the Valley of Peace are capable of hording off bandits. Cartwn. He introduced himself to Master Shifu and assured the Dragon Warrior that he wanted to fight. Background information Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. There, he met and was complimented by the Furious Five, who offered him a run through the training course, which he traversed in seconds flat. Master Shifu saw Peng kung fu skills and offered him a place at the Jade Palace. When the match began, Temutai watched in disappointment as Peng easily defeated Jing-Mei and therefore announced the winner. Later, Po manages to sneak into the club and ends up accidentally revealing his identity when the bucket concealing his face falls off after he is punched in the stomach. Po asked Peng what his journey was and he told him, he was looking for his uncle Tai Lung. Though shaken, Peng found it in his heart to forgive Po, and partook in the closing ceremony with Po and Temutai by performing tai chi. Peng himself was doing the same, moaning Lians name as she bounced on his cock. In his next appearance, he struggles with the knowledge of his uncle and eventually decides to quit Kung Fu. It is unknown, however, when Peng started training in Kung Fu, though he admitted at one point to have no formal training, hinting that he is self-taught. ... Po teaches them that fighting is only part of kung fu, while its true meaning is "Excellence of Self." He claimed he had practiced his kung fu without expectations and no dreams until Po gave him one, hinting he might be self-taught and had done so with great effort. Si tratta di un grasso, goffo panda il cui sogno più grande era diventare un grande guerriero Kung Fu e membro dei Cinque Cicloni: la squadra di combattenti a difesa della Valle della Pace, composta da Tigre, Vipera, Gru, Scimmia e Mantide; è guidato dal Maestro Shifu. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He also fears of being evil, so to avoid this from happening, he quit kung fu. Peng made his debut in 'The Kung Fu Kid'. At some point in his life, however, he grew more interested in Kung Fu and became a big fan of it, but since he had no formal training, he eventually leaned the martial art for himself. At dinner, Peng sat at the head of the table (where Po was supposed to be sitting as host) and told some jokes, succeeding in making Tigress laugh. He even tells Peng that since he is Tai Lung's nephew he is bound to become bad like him and he should stop fighting him. Kung Fu Panda Y Peng Draw. [1] This also implies that he is similar to Tai Lung, in the respect how Tai Lung was filled with hopes of being dragon Warrior only to have the title not given to him, resulting in the darkness of his heart emerging and harming people. However, Peng returned to the Jade Palace and realized that Po was right about everything, now believing Kung Fu as something like poison and quitted it by leaving behind his uncle's old sword. He fights with a level of skill very similar to that of his uncle's—enough to force a kung fu warrior like Temutai on the defensive, traverse the Training Hall in almost seconds flat, and show some skill in swordsmanship. Even so, Peng showed a sense of determination that reflected that of his uncle, in that while he may not seek out fights, he will do whatever it takes to finish them on his own terms. This series is set between Kung Fu Panda 1 and Kung Fu Panda 2.Given this series was originally scheduled for airing in 2010, this is rather obvious, but it bears stating. He starts to attack the Five and then Po, causing them to roll down the stairs (similar to the fight in the first movie). When Po asked what Peng knew about his uncle, the young leopard answered that whoever his family left his uncle to be adopted by named him "Tai Lung", giving his new panda friend a shock. When Peng arrived in the Valley of Peace, he signed himself up to partake in the Peace Jubilee. Peng traversed it in seconds flat.

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